Yoga Sutras and Vedic Connection


The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali and their Vedic Link

Yogi Baba PremBy Yogi Baba Prem, Yogacharya, Veda Visharada, CYI,, C.ay.

Looking back to still relatively old texts from the medieval period, what is most profound is the appearance of an invocation to Patanjali.  The invocation to Patanjali appears almost 800-900 years later than the previous dates given for Patanjali and are found  in commentaries recorded by a king known as Bhoja.  This is commonly referred to as the Vritti Bhoja, or Vritti by Bhoja commonly interpreted to mean ‘Bhojas thoughts’.  What is most interesting is that the invocation does imply a lineage.  It is traditional to invoke the founder or current master of a particular lineage.  It seems quite possible that Patanjali could have taught in a secret lineage whose teachings remained quite secret until the need to record was evident due to concerns over information becoming lost.  This theory would fit with the other traditional models observed within India.  It is most interesting that a well-known type of Hatha yoga uses the invocation of Patanjali to this day; though few seem to truly realize that they are invoking an ancient lineage that was ....

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