Patanjali Yoga and Rules of Dating by Myk Likhov


I’ve decided to get yogic on dating by applying the Niyamas (the yogic do’s) and the Yamas (the yogic don’ts) to the topic. This is a bit of an experiment, so I hope it works out.

A primer on the Yamas and Niyamas are that they’re “the ethical precepts set forth in Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras as the first and second of the eight limbs of Raja Yoga.” That’s a fancy way of saying that they’re a bit like the Yogic Ten Commandments—and no matter how flexible you are, you’re not really a yogi if you don’t at least appear to follow them. To us, they’re now known as Patanjali’s 10 Rules of Dating:

Rule 1: Ahimsa (Non-violence)
Rule 2: Satya (Truthfulness)
Rule 3: Asteya (Non-stealing)
Rule 4: Brahmacarya (Sexual responsibility)
Rule 5: Aparigraha (Abstention from greed)
Rule 6: Sauca (Cleanliness)
Rule 7: Santosa (Contentment)
Rule 8: Tapas (Discipline)
Rule 9: Svadhyaya (Self-study)
Rule 10: Isvara pranidhana (Surrender of the self)

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