Who was Patanjali 


There are many interpretations and opinions about the the true identity of the author behind the Yoga Sutras. In this video presentation by Dr. Katyayani Poole, Ph.D. explains the meaning behind the word and/or name Patanjali and Ishvar.

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Yoga in Transformation Conference 


The conference will explore yoga from a broad perspective: it will examine different strands of Indian yoga in the pre-modern period and forms of modern yoga, the changes that occurred within the pre-modern yoga practices and theories.

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Transformative Power of Yoga 


An overview of the history and philosophy of yoga by Dr. Sudha Prathikanti. Duration 1 hour 23 minutes.

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Yogic powers 


Already in the oldest texts, such as the Mahabharata (400 BCE- 400 CE) and the Yogasutra (4th-5th century, CE), they are called bala (power), siddhi (achievements) or vibhuti (manifestation of might). In academic contexts these powers were rather neglected since they have often been interpreted as an expression of 'magical thinking'.

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Yeats and Yoga Sutras by David Soud 


Yeats once wrote ‘I know nothing but the novels of Balzac and the aphorisms of Patanjali’. In setting a worldly French novelist against a Indian mystical philosopher, Yeats is not merely recasting the dialogue of self and soul that has governed so much of his poetry; he is signaling that one side

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Kartik Vyas on Patanjali Yoga Sutra 


The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali 83 minute seminar with Mr. Kartik Vyas, video recorded at the 3rd International Yoga Seminar, organized by Yoga Life in India.

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Understanding The Trance State In Patanjali Yoga Sutras 


Indian Streams Research Journal published an research article titled "Understanding the trance state in Patanjali Yoga Sutras and its similarities with the trance state in hypnosis".

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Yoga Sutras vs Spiritual Exercises of Ignatius 


The Divinity School of Harvard University recently added new course called "Yoga Sutras in a Comparative Perspective".

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